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BT, is a Grammy-nominated American music producer, composer, audio technician, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter. He is an artist in the electronica genre – most often considered a composer of trance music, but known to work within several other styles.
Ima (1995)
ESCM (1997)
Movement in Still Life (1999)
Emotional Technology (2003)
This Binary Universe (2006)
These Hopeful Machines (2010)
These Humble Machines (2011)
"Oneday" (1992) (vocals by Fawn (musician))
"Anomaly" (1995) (as Libra, in collaboration with DJ Taylor)
"The Moment of Truth" (1995) (As Brian Transeau)
"Relativity" (1995) (As Brian Transeau)
"Loving You More" (1996) (vocals by Vincent Covello (musician))
"Embracing the Sunshine" (1996)
"Blue Skies" (1996) (vocals by Tori Amos)
"Love, Peace and Grease" (1997)
"Flaming June" (1997)
"Remember" (1997) (vocals by Jan Johnston)
"Godspeed" #54 UK (1998)
"Mercury and Solace" #38 UK (1999) (vocals by Jan Johnston)
"Dreaming" (2000) (vocals by Kirsty Hawkshaw)
"Smartbomb" (2000) (vocals by Rasco)
"Never Gonna Come Back Down" (2000) (vocals by Mike Doughty)
"Shame" (2001) (vocals by BT)
"Somnambulist (Simply Being Loved)" (2003) (vocals by BT and JC Chasez)
The Technology EP (2004)
"Human Technology EP" (2005)
"Force of Gravity" (2005) (vocals by BT and JC Chasez)
"The Rose of Jericho" (9 June 2009)
"Every Other Way" (22 December 2009) (vocals by JES and BT)
"Suddenly" (12 January 2010) (Vocals by BT and Christian Burns)
"Forget Me" (14 June 2010) (Vocals by BT and Christian Burns)
"The Emergency" (28 September 2010)
"Le Nocturne de Lumière" (22 November 2010)
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