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4 Strings is back on RNM, the home of Vocal Trance. Following on from the success of his solo releases 'Illumina' and 'Luna' and the massive vocal collaboration with Carol Lee 'Emotions Away', this incredibly talented producer teams up with Dutch singer/songwriter Fridolijn on 'What Matters Most'. Some classic 4 Strings vibes in this one and an epic vocal performance from a true star.
After a brief venture over to our sister label Amsterdam Trance Records for an epic vocal collaboration with Chloe Ama on 'Never Meant To Be', Bluskay is back on Molekular Sounds and back into solo territory. Some Serious Uplifting is the order for 'After Life' and as usual Bluskay absolutely delivers. Soaring riffs, gorgeous atmosphere and that 'hands-in-the-air' feeling...
From all four corners of the world to everything in between, Trance music continues to enjoy a global reign not many genres can match. Few have such a strong and loyal following all over the world, as more and more countries, places, and territories add to its range. To get in A State Of Trance with likeminded people generates a magical feeling words cannot even begin to describe. And the people of Ibiza know exactly what that feels like.

For the third year in a row, A State Of Trance shakes up the party island of Ibiza with a sound both fresh and timeless. Cooked up by Armin van Buuren and seasoned with his own musical flavor, ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2016’ provides its fans with 37 breathtaking records in two parts, each capable of uniting the world in a way only music could.

With exclusive tracks and current floor fillers from the likes of Andrew Rayel, Arty, Ben Nicky, Cosmic Gate, ilan Bluestone, Jason Ross, KhoMha, Omnia, Ørjan Nilsen, MaRLo, Simon Patterson, Super8 & Tab, and never-heard-before remixes on several acclaimed Armin van Buuren originals, Ibiza once again gets its own piece of Trance history. Will you be a part of that?
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